Sunday, June 5, 2016

Matcha Cream Cheese Parfait

Matcha Cream Cheese Parfait
(recipe adapted from My Little Space)

225g Cowhead Cream Cheese, softened at room temperature
100g icing sugar
4 Tbsp matcha powder
150ml heavy cream
6 pcs  digestive biscuits
1 cup azuki

Method :
1. Beat cream cheese, sugar, matcha powder till well cooperated then set aside.
2. Whisk heavy cream till foamy & stiff then fold it into cream cheese mixture & blend till well mixed.
3. Crushed biscuit into fine crumbs one at a time,  place one biscuit to each cups then spread on a layer of green tea mixture.
4. Top with some azuki beans & 1 tsp digestive biscuit, cover it with a spread of green tea mixture. Keep refrigerated to set.


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