C is for Cathy

Welcome to Cathy's joy baking blog!

Who am I?
I am Cathy, a petite nurse who used to work in hospitals & pharmaceutical companies before I took up teaching. In my spare time or during the school holidays, I love to try out new recipes.

I started baking way back in yr 2008, probably because I am working as part time then & need to take up a hobby to 'entertain' myself when I do not have classes. I could still remember I only had a few basic equipments on hand previously - an electric hand held mixer, a manual whisk, a spatula, a weighing scale bought during a sales & a baking tin. Oh yes, I am using a microwave convection oven too.

As time past, I realized my baking 'toys' increased in number & now it has filled up at least 4-5 cupboards in my kitchen. Also, I have finally upgraded to an Ariston oven & Kenwood mixer in Dec 2009 (a birthday gift from my dear hubby *^_^*).

I would love to make friends with other baking blogger. Do drop me a line. My email address is cathyng_24@hotmail.com  Alternatively, you can find me in Facebook & Instagram too *^_^*