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Apple crumble pie

Apple crumble pie is one of my favourite dessert. Juz happen that my juice blender got spoilt recently & there are excess apples sitting in my fridge.. so baking an apple crumble pie seems to be the ultimate choice! The apples I used were very sweet & what made them interesting was that they each had a Chinese character, "GONG", "XI", "FA", "CAI" (恭喜发财) carve on the outer skin. Notice that I only left "GONG"() in the pic? You can guess the whereabouts of "XI", "FA", "CAI" (喜, 发, 财) .... *^_^*

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Pineapple tarts

I made some last minute pineapple tarts this morning. Heart shaped pineapple tarts for V day this Sunday & the traditional ones for CNY.... Kekeke ^_^*

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