Friday, March 22, 2013

Tau Suan

Tau Suan
(Recipe adapted from Amelia's Dessert)


300g mung bean
1500mls water
3/4 bowl corn flour
1/4 bowl water
Pandan leaves
Brown sugar / castor sugar to taste


1.  Wash & soak the mung bean for 1 hr. Drain off  the water.
2.  Steam till soft for 20mins. Keep aside.
3.  Bring the 1500mls water to boil together with pandan leaves. Add sugar to taste.
4.  Mix the corn flour with 1/4 bowl of water, mix well.

5. Pour corn flour mixture into the sugar mixture & keep stirring at the same time. Test the starchy consistency to your liking. If not starchy add more corn flour mixture. 
6. Remove from heat, add in the cooked mung bean & mixed well.



Amelia said...

Hi Cathy, thank you for the mention. Hope you enjoyed the tau suan. Yours look delicious, wish I can have some now for breakfast plus the you tiau too. :)

Have a nice day.

cathysjoy said...


Thanks for sharing yr recipe =)

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