Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cat's Tongue Cookies ~ 猫舌饼干
(Recipe adapted & modified from The First Book of Baking for Beginners by Carol) 

60g salted butter
40g castor sugar
55g plain flour
5g cocoa powder
60g egg whites
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
chopped peanuts

1. Beat butter & sugar till light & fluffy. 
2. Add egg whites gradually & beat until combined. Add in vanilla essence.
3. Fold in sifted flour. 
4. Divide batter into half & add cocoa powder into one of the batter.
5. Fill pipping bag with batter (half chocolate, half white)
6. Pipe onto silpat mat & sprinkled chopped peanuts on top.
7. Bake at 170°C for 15mins.

 Kitty: " I wanna have a bite.. "

Kitty: " Yum Yum, I'm loving it.. "

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #7 - Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by Doris from Tested & tasted.


鲸鱼 said...


cathysjoy said...

鲸鱼,嘿嘿, 我是第一次做这个,还蛮好吃的 :)

Angie said...

how lovely! I love that cat figure too.

cathysjoy said...

Thanks :)

travellingfoodies (Alan) said...

wah, yours spread so nicely unlike the batch i did at the beginning of the year! must try your recipe one day. Do the cookies stick to the silpat? sounds kinda silly i know! :p

cathysjoy said...

Yeah, I am also amazed how thin they spread. No sticking to my silpat mat. ;)

travellingfoodies (Alan) said...

that's good! so i'd kinda "reluctant" to use silpats anymore after  my macaron shells start sticking onto them :(

but since butter is employed, i guess the sticking issue should be resolved!

cathysjoy said...

even if no butter, it will also not stick to silpat mat de ;)

DG said...

I always love this cat's tongue cookies, cause it crunchy & buttery. Best to get rid of egg white left over :)

cathysjoy said...

Yes, I am making use of the left over eggwhites from my custard puffs ;)

Joyce said...

Looks really lovely ! And the cat really seems to be enjoying it too ! Haahaa !

cathysjoy said...

Hehehe, lovely cat huh ;)

jasminelim said...

cat, this is so cute and so your style! :D how does this taste like? look so special!

cathysjoy said...

hehehe, cute huh. They taste buttery like cookies ;) 

neyeeloh said...

猫舌饼干, first time heard of this. Like the photo you took the cookies with your cat  ^_^

Anncoo said...

This is so cute! Is that a real cat?

cathysjoy said...

It is not a real cat ;)

cathysjoy said...

Haha, it's not a real cat, juz a paperweight ;)

Jess said...

haha this looks so cute!!! crispy?

cathysjoy said...

Yes, but should bake them longer to be crispier ;)

lena said...

i wonder why they call it cat's tongue cookies?

cathysjoy said...

Haha, me too ;)

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