Friday, November 11, 2016

Gudetama Cafe @ home

最近刚去了台弯的蛋黄哥主厨餐厅用餐。餐厅布置的蛮可爱的,食物也不错吃,只是贩卖部的商品少了些。我特地点了彩色水果冰沙(几乎每桌都点),喝完后瓶子还可以帶回家當水壶 *^_^*

回国后,我想了想为何餐厅没卖蛋黄哥马卡龍啊?于是我心血来潮就动手做了一些蛋黄哥马卡龍!我的马卡龍并没有做很完美但可爱度总有吧?加上我自制的饮料(蝶豆花抹茶豆奶),是不是有如身在餐厅用下午茶的感觉呢? (应酬我一下下,说有好吗?)

Basic Macarons
(Recipe adapted from Carol)

45g egg whites
50g fine sugar

60g icing sugar
65g almond meal  

*I blend whole almonds with skin, so there are speck of brown on my macarons   

1 drop of orange & yellow Wilton colouring 

1. Sift almond meal & icing sugar together.Set aside for later use.
2. Whisk egg whites until foamy, add in sugar gradually & whisk until the egg white mixture becomes shiny & stiff peaks.
3. Fold in all the dry ingredients into the egg whites batter until just combined. Remove a bit of the batter & add in colouring.
4. Pipe the plain batter onto silpat mat. Rap the baking tray on table top a few times to spread the batter slightly.
5. Pipe the coloured batter on top of the plain batter (gudetama's face). Then, use a toothpick & add a dab of white for gudetama's mouth & 'reflections'.
6. Set it aside for the shells' surface to dry up.
7. Preheat oven to 200C, slide the tray of dried macarons into the oven, off the heat immediately & keep the oven door ajar with a thick glove placed in between, for 6mins.
8. Once the 6mins is up, close the oven door . Bake the macarons at 170C for 1min & lower the heat to 160C  for 3mins, 140C for 5mins. Then off oven heat & keep oven door ajar with glove placed in between for another 5mins.
9. Remove from oven & let it cool completely before removing from the silpat mat.




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