Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Giraffe Toast 长颈鹿吐司

当我看到 Victoria Bakes长颈鹿吐司时,我告诉我自己一定要做这个面包。我很喜欢长颈鹿,也有一只超级可爱的长颈鹿玩伴(Miu Miu)。哈哈,我就是喜欢做跟她‘一模一样’的面包和蛋糕卷。瞧一瞧Miu Miu 站在吐司旁,是不是显得特别可爱呢?接着,好奇Miu Miu 嗅了嗅吐司。Hmm...好香哟,一定很好吃。她低头望了吐司一眼,尽然跟她长得一模一样,像双胞胎似的!结果。。。结果。。。Alamak.... 你看 Miu Miu 被吐司吓到昏倒了。快!快打995!
我的傻Miu Miu,疼你都来不及了, 哪会舍得吃你哦!*^_^*

Giraffe Toast 长颈鹿吐司 
(recipe adapted & modify slightly from Victoria Bakes)

300g bread flour
10g sugar
10g Liv salted butter
200g water
1 tsp instant yeast
20g cocoa powder + 3Tbsp hot water (to form a paste)

1. Mix all ingredients together (except butter) & knead till you get a dough. Incorporate butter & knead till window pane stage.

2. Remove 140g dough. Knead in chocolate paste in the remaining dough. Proof both doughs for 1hr.

3. Punch dough down & divide each dough into 8 equal portions. Rest for at least 10mins.

4. Roll out one portion of chocolate dough into a flat rectangular sheet then roll up lengthwise. Take a portion of original (white) dough & roll into a flat rectangular sheet. Place rolled chocolate dough in the middle & wrap white dough around it. Seal seams well. Repeat this process till all dough has been used up

5. In a greased loaf pan, place 3 rolls on the bottom of the pan, then top with 2 rolls, then finally, 3 more rolls on the top layer. Proof till the dough reaches 80% of the height of the loaf pan.

6. Bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees for 40mins.

 喜欢我的'Miu Miu'面包吗?看一看我在两年前做的另一款长颈鹿面包 ,超可爱哦 *^_^*

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