Friday, November 2, 2012


Made a Tiramisu for my hubby's birthday this year. This Tiramisu looks ordinary on the outside but wait.. scroll down to see what's so special ;)

(Recipe adapted & modify from HHB)

5 layers of sponge cakes 

Coffee syrup:
1 Tbsp instant coffee powder
1/2 Tbsp sugar

125ml boiling water
1 Tbsp Baileys Irish Cream

*Dissolve instant coffee powder & sugar in boiling water. Leave to cool. Stir in Baileys Irish Cream. Set aside.  

Chocolate ganache:
100g chocolate chips
100g whip cream
*Melt the chocolate with 1/2 cup cream over a double boiler; cool
500g Cream cheese
5 Tbsp icing sugar
2 Tbsp Baileys Irish Cream
3 Tbsp coffee syrup*
150ml non-dairy whipping cream 

*In a mixing bowl, whisk cream cheese & icing sugar. Add in Baileys & coffee syrup. Whisk the whipping cream until stiff peak. Fold in whipped cream to the cream cheese mixture.

Tiramisu Truffles:
100g melted white chocolate chips
60g cream cheese 
2 tsp Baileys
*Mix half of the white chocolate mixture with cream cheese & add in Baileys. Put in fridge to harden slightly & roll out into small balls. Coat with the remaining melted chocolate.

Its a rainbow Tiramisu *^_^*

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