Monday, July 25, 2011

Fruity Custard Cake

Fruity Custard Cake
(recipe adapted & modify from Cherry's kitchen)

Sponge Fingers Recipe from here

2 pieces of sponge cakes (recipe here)

Biscuit Base:

200g Digestive biscuits
50g Butter 
*Mix & bake in oven 180°C for 15mins

Custard Filling:
100g Sugar
300g Milk
350g Water
4 Egg yolk
90g Custard powder 

* Mix all ingredients together & slowly cook custard over low heat. Stir constantly until it thickens.  


鲸鱼 said...


Cathysjoy said...

鲸鱼,谢谢,请你吃 =)

Sze Min Yeap said...

Nicely baked, Cathy! Really admire your skill in decorating the cake, looks so elegant. 

Cathysjoy said...

Thanks for your kind words :)

Amelia said...

very pretty cake.  I loves to have a big slice of it....

cathysjoy said...

Thanks, help yourself to a biggest slice of cake ;)

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