Saturday, June 11, 2011

Belgian Waffles

比利時鬆餅 ~ Belgian Waffle
(recipe adapted & modify from Carol)

120g Bread flour
100g Plain flour
50g Caster sugar
1/2 tsp Instant Yeast
1/8tsp salt
1 egg
50g butter, cut into small pieces
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
50g milk 

1. Sift bread & plain flour together in a mixing bowl.

2. Add instant yeast into milk.
3. Add salt & sugar into (1) & mix well.
4. Add (2), egg & vanilla essence into (1) & knead until a dough is formed.
5. Add in butter & knead for about 5-6mins until the dough is not sticky.
6. Proof the dough for about 1-1.5hrs until it becomes double in size.
7. Knead the dough again slightly to release the air inside & divide into 8 portions.
8. Roll into rounds & rest the dough for another 20mins.
9. Preheat the waffle maker.
10. Put one dough into the centre of the waffle maker. Close the lid & let it cook for 3.5mins or until golden brown. Repeat for the rest of the doughs.

Belgian Waffles with home made Grape Jam ;)


Peng said...

now i tempted to get a waffle maker!! ^-^

cathysjoy said...

Hehehe, go ahead! ;)

hsling said...

等我買到了waffle maker才可以做來吃……

cathysjoy said...

快去买 ;)

sspeng said...

Yum yum waffle,  I want 1 slice please. LOL

cathysjoy said...

Help yourself with the waffles ;)

Jess said...


cathysjoy said...

Hahaha ;)

Experimental cook said...

oh no! Now I want a waffle maker !

cathysjoy said...

Experimental cook,
Hahaha, Great Spore Sales now! ;)

wensdelight said...

wow I'm so tempted by your waffles too!

cathysjoy said...

Give it a try then! ;)

pReCiouSMoMentS said...

Awesome! I am going to make this real soon. 

cathysjoy said...

Looking forward to your bakes :)

Cooking gallery said...

Your waffles look beautiful! I usually eat them in a cafe, normally too lazy to make them myself ;).

cathysjoy said...

Thanks. I love waffles too, that's why bought a waffle maker ;)

cathysjoy said...

Thanks. I love waffles too, that's why bought a waffle maker ;)

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