Monday, June 8, 2015

Mentaiko flower sushi roll

 My hubby bought this mentaiko during his recent business trip in japan. Expensive stuff but the taste is really good =) 

Flower sushi roll
1.5 piece of nori seaweed
1 cup of cooked rice 
1 Tbsp sushi vinegar
1 mentaiko

1. Add rice vinegar into cooked rice. Weight out 150g rice & add mentaiko. Mix well.
2. Divide a piece of nori seaweed into 6 equal smaller pieces. Wrap 25g of mentaiko rice mixture into each seaweed. 
3. Put the 6 mentaiko seaweed rolls together to form a flower & roll tightly with a sushi mat.
4. Take out another 1/2 piece of nori seaweed. Lay the remainder rice on top. Put the flower roll on top & roll up tightly using sushi mat again.
5. Slice the sushi with a sharp knife into 6 pieces.

Take a look at my mentaiko flower sushi roll. Aren't they cute?  Itatakemas *^_^*

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