Monday, June 1, 2015

Bungeoppang: 붕어빵

Bungeoppang 붕어빵  

(recipe adapted from Ochikeron)


150g plain flour
2/3 Tbsp baking powder
40g sugar
180g milk
1 beaten egg
pumpkin fillings


   1. Sieve plain flour & baking powder together in a large mixing bowl.

2. Add in sugar & mix well with a balloon whisk.

3. Add in egg & milk. Whisk till well mixed.

 4. Pour the batter into a jug for easy pouring.

5. Heat up the bunggeoppang pan & turn to low heat.

6. Open the pan & grease the bunggeoppang pan with a light coating of vegetable oil.

5. Pour the batter into one side of the fish mold until 1/3 full. Add some fillings to the center & then gently fill up the rest of the fish mold to totally cover the fillings.

6. Close the mold & cook over low heat for a total of 6mins (turn the pan over every min).
Chocolate Bungeoppang (chocolate chips fillings) served with a scoop of creme brulee ice cream

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