Monday, April 22, 2013

Apple Dessicated Coconut Buns

Apple Dessicated Coconut Buns 

50g oats
150g boiling water
*Mix together & set aside to cool down

200g bread flour
30g plain flour
1 tsp yeast
15g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
80ml water
Oats mixture in (A)
*Direct Method

3 apples (peeled & chopped into cubes)
2 Tbsp brown sugar
30ml water
cornflour + water
Dessicated coconut
*Cook all ingredients together over medium heat until apples are slightly soften

extra dessicated coconut to sprinkle on top of buns   

I simply love the combination of apples with dessicated coconut. 
Of course the buns are soft & fluffy too! *^_^*

 Using the same recipe, I made another loaf of bread ;)


trishie said...

Oh apple and coconut! Never tried that combination before but I imagine it would taste really nice.

Kimmy said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for the idea. Have a packet of dessicated coconut lying in the cupboard. Bread with oats...hmm good.

cathysjoy said...

Yes, very nice indeed. I love it, hope you give it a try :)

cathysjoy said...

Yeah, give it a try Kimmy :) said...

apple bread! Maybe i can try that for my baby! thanks for sharing!

cathysjoy said...

welcome =)

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