Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peach Meringue Baskets

 Meringue basket top with lemon custard & peach, drizzle with mango puree 

Meringue Baskets
(Recipe adapted & modify from Table for 2 or more)


70g egg whites
70g sugar
70g icing sugar 

1. Beat egg whites with sugar until stiff. Add in tablespoons of icing sugar & beat until stiff.

2. Fill piping bag with meringue & pipe a round base, then create the sides of the basket by swirling meringue.

3. Baked in an preheated oven @ 100 degrees for 90mins. Let them cool down completely in oven. Keep in air tight container.


Angie said...

What a delightful and pretty dessert!

cathysjoy said...

Tks Angie :)

CBD said...

Nice, I can make this one, look really easy. Delightful ..... Delightful ..... time to bake, tomorrow the bakery.

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