Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sakura Cookies さくらクッキ

Sakura Cookies さくらクッキ
(Recipe adapted & modify from dailydelicious)

90g salted butter
50g sugar
1 egg yolk
120g plain flour
16-20 Sakura
1 tsp vanilla extract
Super fine sugar, for sprinkle on top of the cookies

1. Soak the salted Sakura in a bowl, cover with enough water overnight to reduce the salt from the Sakura. Drain the Sakura & discard the water.
2.  Beat butter until soft, add in sugar & beat until light in color. Add the vanilla extract & egg yolk, beat to combine.
3. Pour the flour into the bowl & knead lightly until smooth.
4.  Roll out the cookie dough &  cut with desired cookie cutter. Put Sakura on each cookie.

5. Bake in a preheat oven @ 180 degrees for 15mins.
6. Sprinkle with extra sugar immediately after out from oven. 


veronica teo said...

Hi, the cookies are beautiful and neatly done. I like the song. May I know what is the title of the song and the singer. Thanks.

cathysjoy said...

Tks. I got many songs in my blog, not sure which one you referring to? Perhaps you can scroll down to the playlist & see the singer :)

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