Monday, September 17, 2012

Jelly Noodles

 Its Monday again! I had a pack of agar agar powder sitting in my cupboard, so I gotta put that into good use. Tada.... see my two bowls of jelly noodles. Yes, the eggs & vegetables are made from jelly as well *^_^*

This bowl of jelly noodles is mine as I don't take any chilli ;P

My hubby's jelly noodles with chilli added! hehehe ;)


Jess @ Bakericious said...

the jelly noodle really looks so real, so nice!

cathysjoy said...

Thanks Jess =)

Ningz said...

I am a great fan of jelly.. do you mind to share the methods of doing this such a great dish with me. They look soooo tempting! Would love to try this out.. :D

cathysjoy said...

Hi Ningz,
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I am going to run this as a full hands on class/workshop, thus I will not post the recipe here. Hopes you u/stand :)

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