Thursday, March 1, 2012

天然酵母~ Natural Yeast

(recipe adapted & modify from Jane's Corner) 

看过Jane做的酸面团面包后,心痒痒,也很想自己亲手来做一个试试看。去年在美国也买了一个proofing basket,更增加了我要做酸面团面包的决心。电邮了Jane和她讨教‘养菌’心德之后,我也上网授寻了很多有关资料。终于我选了一个良吉日开始养‘天然酵母’!这‘养菌’过程并非一帆风顺,可说是波折重重。原以为有酒香和气泡后就应该是成功的一半了,但万万没想到一个星期后却出现状况,菌种似呼没有生命的迹像。真的是难过到!枉费我每天牺牲睡眠的时间,七早八早起来‘喂’它,又浪费面粉 :P 没办法,我只能眼睁睁的把我的菌种倒掉。





Zoe said...

Typically a starting culture takes 2 weeks to established and yours take off very well.

cathysjoy said...

Thanks! I guess Singapore weather is too warm, that's why it only took about a week to 'bloom'

Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...


Hanushi said...

Congrats, I look forward to your more breads bakes from you.
Ask you gal, I made rotiboy today with butter as filling. I use hard butter from freezer but the butter melt out from the buns during baking, do you have this problem or know what I have done wrong.

cathysjoy said...

Melt out from buns? I think you did not 'closed' your buns properly resulting the leak. The butter should melt but will not leak out from buns if your buns are shaped 'tight' enough.

Ah Tze said...

Wow, you have embarked into a new arena, cultivate the natural yeast really not an easy task! you have done it well!

cathysjoy said...

Ah Tze,
Thanks! So excited when I succeed.. kekeke ;)

bluelly said...

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