Friday, March 16, 2012

Baking together

This is my second time baking together with Hanushi (from Simply hanushi). Take a look at what we baked this afternoon *^_^*
(recipe here)

Steamed Dual-Colour Buns
(recipe here)
Our mantou may not look perfect but they tasted great! Really Soft & fluffy! By the way, can anybody enlighten me why were there 'bubbles' on the mantou? Has it got something to do with the steaming method?


Hanushi said...

The swiss rolls are selling hot  in my family! =)

Cathyng said...

Really? tats good! You should have taken more yesterday. My hubby ate & comment too creamy :P

Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

It's nice to bake together!  Envy.... Very pretty looking swiss roll!

Cathyng said...

Yeah, we had fun baking together :)

Esther said...

That looks soo yummy!  I make mantou a lot, but I never see bubbles like that...  maybe it's because there is too much baking soda/powder?  

Cathyng said...

We followed the recipe exactly but not sure why ours got so much bubbles while hers are so pretty & smooth :P

tez sun said...

Cathy,.These rolls look so beautiful,. but the recipe is in chinese,.. do you have english version?. coz I really would like to make it.. Thanks

Cathyng said...

tez sun,
For english version, you can refer to Honeybeesweet's receipe,
Happy baking :)

lena said...

cat, have you come back to singapore? regarding the holes, do you think it could be overproof ?

Cathyng said...

yup, I am back :)
I did mantou before but there were no holes previously. Overproof? Not sure leh cos we did check our dough & time closely

Evyfoodlover said...

This is amazing

Cathyng said...

Haha, you mean the swiss roll? :)

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