Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Potomac Mills

 Another great place for shopping.

 I love this shop simply because it sells hospital scrubs. Sad to say that we do not have such shops in Singapore & my scrubs were all sewn by my mum.

Look at the variety of scrubs sold here!

Betty Boop xmas scrub! Cool ;)

Cute reindeer scrub. This is still big for me even though it is XS. 

I bought this in the end~love the penguins. :)
Need some alteration when I head back home


bla blabla said...

oh i love all these scrubs!!! in germany you mustn´t wear this. We have to wear the scrubs we get from the hospital and they are all white or blue 

Cathysjoy said...

bla blabla,
Yeah, I love their scrubs too! Same like you, in Singapore we have to wear the scrubs given by hospital

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