Monday, November 14, 2011

Finally settled

After almost 24hrs of flight (transit at Narita & internal flight from Chicago), we finally reached DC on 12/11/11 @ 8pm! OMG, it was really a torture to be stuck in my seat for such long hrs with minimal legs stretching space. I was like a child who can't sit still & kept fidgeting & adjusting to different sleeping positions. Well, this is most probably my first & last trip to US unless I get to fly on business class (my hubby asks me to 'wait long long')! ;P 

We collected our rented car & made our way slowly to the apartment with the help of GPS. The car is spacious but it is a little challenging for us to get used to driving in US (driver seat is on the left side instead)! Check out my luxury apartment,

Living Rm

View from balcony


 Store Rm

Master Bedrm

MBR- walk in wardrobe

MBR shoe cabinet

 MBR toilet

2nd Rm

2nd toilet

Internet rm

Washing machine & dryer


lena said...

hi cathy!! really nice to hear from you blogging from usa. wow, that looks like a mansion!! just the 2 of you staying there? now i'm wondering if you alone going to tidy up the house..hey, you rest well, take care and hope to hear again from you soon!

Cathysjoy said...

many of my hubby's colleagues are staying here as well but on different levels & rooms. Our 'housemate' will only be here in Dec thus we have the whole apartment to ourselves at the moment. We just need to tidy our own things & do our own laundry as somebody will come & do housekeeping fortnightly ;)

Jess said...

i love the kitchen!

Wendyywy said...

You can still bake there... I see ovens :)
Baking utensils are not expensive there.
Enjoy yourself in DC

Cathysjoy said...

Yeah wendy, but not in the mood to bake yet. hehehe ;)

Cathysjoy said...

Ah jess,
I love the spacious oven ;)

Fong said...

Nice to hear from you!  wow... that's a nice apartment.  Quick...get into the mood for baking and you can share them with your new neighbours - easiest way to break the ice.

Wai Fong

Cathysjoy said...

Hahaha, sounds good ;)

Small Small Baker said...

So spacious and nice place to stay in. I guess you must be busy exploring the area and supermarkets for ingredients before you start baking. :)

Cathysjoy said...

I do not have the baking mood yet. hehehe :P
The baking ingredients here are cheap cheap cheap! ;)

neyeeloh from 爱丝特の烘焙记录 said...

Spacious apartment, they even hv internet room.. ^_^

Cathysjoy said...

yeah, but I am using my laptop in my room instead, easier to use with wireless ;)

Tricialye said...

Oh! I see a nice kitchen and an oven. I am hoping that you will whip something out from there.

Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees said...

Hope to see you post up more pictures when you get to travel around!  Have fun!

Cathysjoy said...

hahaha, still considering should I bake or not? ;P

Cathysjoy said...

Thanks Eileen :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Nice apartment!

Cathysjoy said...

yup :)

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