Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baking together

Hanushi (from Simply hanushi) & I had a great time baking together at my place this afternoon! We were cracking our brains last week thinking of what to bake. Hanushi suggested baking 'Roti Boy' & green tea buns (she is a green tea lover!) while I suggested to do Ang Ku Kueh since 'kueh' is the theme for Aspiring Bakers this month. 

Black Glutinous Ang Ku Kueh
(Recipe adapted & modify from Happy Flour)

130g glutinous rice flour
20g black glutinous rice flour

50g sweet potato (steamed & mashed)
125g water
1/2 tbsp oil

*Any fillings of your choice (we use yam paste from PH)   

1. Mix all the dough ingredients together & knead to form a soft dough.
2. Wrap the dough up & rest it in the fridge for 10mins.
3. Weigh 28g of dough for skin & wrap 14g of filling into the dough & seal opening.
4. Place the kueh into a greased mould & press it to set the shape. 

5. Knock out the kueh & place it on a piece of baking paper.
6. Steam for 10mins & brush some cooking oil on the surface of the kuehs.

** We are submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011) hosted by Small Small Baker.

Roti Boy / Green tea buns
(Recipe adapted & modify from Lucky Inn 幸福小站)

 Both of us heart these Roti Boy. The crust is thin & crunchy while the bun is so soft inside.  
 Green tea buns for our breakfast tomorrow ;)


Hanushi said...

You are so fast!!! :) Loving your pictures! :) 

Cathysjoy said...

waiting for your post now. Btw, I took so many pics but only these few are presentable.. ;P

Janine @ Not the Kitchen Sink! said...

wow looks like the both of you had such a great time baking! I super like the look of the green tea roti boys :D

Cathysjoy said...

whahaha, yeah :)

Honeybeesweets said...

It's so nice that you girls can bake together! I also made Ang ku kueh but haven't post up. :) love the new idea of using black glutinous rice!

Cathysjoy said...

Bee Bee,
Ang Ku kueh seems to be very popular among bloggers, great minds think alike! =)

Ah Tze said...

Your angkoo looks delicious and I love the roti boy bun too, the texture is so soft!!

Wendyywy said...

It's fun to have bake togethers :)

Cathysjoy said...

Yes! can distributes the calories also.. kekeke ;)

Cathysjoy said...

Ah Tze,
Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the roti boy is simply delicious especially when it is  fresh from oven ;)

Anncoo said...

Everything looks very nice and yummy. So fun can bake together :)

Cathysjoy said...

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, really very fun to bake 2gether =)

happyflour said...

You are able to get black glutinous rice flour here in Singapore? My mum love  black glutinous ang ku kueh and I hoped to make some for her again. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere. 

Hanushi said...

I just posted... Hahaha... I only have those (that I have posted) that are presentable... :) 

Cathysjoy said...

hanushi got the flour from Gim Hin Lee =)

Small Small Baker said...

So fun to bake together! I like your roti boy. Looks so soft and fluffy!

Cathysjoy said...

Yeah, I love them too =)

lena said...

i just saw this is Hanushi's blog too! you girls must have enjoyed it so much baking together!! Love that crunchy topping of rotiboy!

Cathysjoy said...

yup, we had so much fun yesterday =)

Nasi Lemak Lover said...

so fun to bake together, i going to try out that Roti Boy, look perfect!

cathysjoy said...

Nasi lemak lover,
Yes, you must try out! ;)

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