Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Party!

Does this bear looks familiar to you? Yup, it is identical to the bear cake which I had baked for my niece's birthday. Our birthday gal turns one officially today & celebrates this special day in a chalet.

This is the bear top which I had mentioned in my previous blog entry. It is really loose after multiple wash. My sister need to let my niece wear a dress underneath this bear top. Our birthday gal is in a happy mood today today & keep saying ',' when she wears this top & take pictures with my teddy bear cakes & cuppies.

My Brother in law ordered a 'Snow white & the seven dwarfs' ice cream cake as well. It consists of 2 flavours- Sticky chewy chocolate & Mango.

Take a look at our dinner food spread..

Fried Ee Fu mee

Black pepper chicken & Braised duck with sea cucumber

Assam Fish

Herbal chicken

Fried broccoli with scallops & mushrooms

Cereal oats prawns

Yam ring

Yam paste with Ginko nuts & sweet corn

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