Monday, September 5, 2022

Matcha Mascarpone Mousse Cake

Matcha Mascarpone Mousse Cake


Matcha cake:

80g Blue Jacket Cake Flour

10g matcha powder

30g almond powder

1 tsp baking powder

60g Ammerlander unsalted butter, melted

60g SIS fine sugar

15g honey

2 eggs

60g ramlli heavy cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

Mascarpone Mousse:

250g mascarpone cheese

100g Ariba Bianco White Choc Button, melted

1 tsp matcha powder

2 Tbsp SIS fine sugar

100g ramli heavy cream



Matcha pocky sticks

Cookie (homemade/store bought)

Melted white chocolate

Matcha powder for dusting



1. Matcha cake: Whisk eggs, sugar & honey together till combined. Add in cream & vanilla extract. Mixed till combined. Sift in flour, matcha, almond & baking powder. Mix till smooth. Then whisk in butter till combined. Put batter into a piping bag & pipe into mould. Bake in a preheated oven @170C for 15mins

2. Mousse: Whisk mascarpone cheese, sugar, matcha powder & melted chocolate till combined. In another clean bowl whisk heavy cream till soft peaks. Fold into cheese mixture till combined

3. Assembly: Pipe some melted chocolate on top of cookie. Placed cake on top. Pipe some mousse into the cake, add a strawberry followed by more mousse. Let it set in fridge. Dust with matcha powder & decorated as desired


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