Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loaf Singapore

Loaf is the brainchild of celebrity chef Sean Armstrong. His vision of producing high quality handcrafted breads & baked goods led to the opening of Loaf bakery in Auckland, New Zealand in 2004. 

I was invited to have a up close & personal evening at TOTT with Loaf celebrity Chef, Sean Armstrong where he used his Loaf products to whip up some tasty home-cooked delights. I am truly amazed by Chef Armstrong’s cooking skills, he actually whipped up four easy & yet mouth-watering dishes within an hour. I dared to say that the taste & presentation of his dishes are even better than some restaurants!


He put up “Walnut, Fig & Parmesan Crusted Chicken” as his main course. Loaf’s Walnut & Fig Sourdough were used here as the crumbs to coat the chicken breasts before pan fried till golden brown on both sides. He then laid sliced buffalo mozzarella & prosciutto on a piece of chicken breast & covered another piece of chicken on top to form a chicken sandwich. They were then further cooked in oven for another 10mins.
Chef Armstrong drizzle some Balsamic sauce over the chicken
Don’t the chicken appeared alluring ;P

Next he used Loaf’s Ciabatta to create another brilliant side dish called "Truffle Stuffed Volcanic  Ciabatta”. Mascarpone cheese was mixed with parmesan cheese, truffle oil & seasonings before piped into the bread. These bread were then baked under a high heat of 2000C. Noticed how the cheese oozed out of the bread? This is indeed very addictive & I reckoned that you simply can’t stop after eating one!

Chef Armstrong came up with 2 desserts, “Rhubarb & Chocolate Fool” & “Grilled Lemon Loaf with blueberry compote, mascarpone & mint sugar”


“Rhubarb & Chocolate Fool” used Loaf’s Threesome chocolate cake & transformed them into salivating dessert. It was paired with rhubarb (cooked in orange juice), whipped yoghurt cream & finally drizzled with Butterscotch sauce. There was a well balance of sweetness from the cake & tart from the rhubarb & whipped yoghurt cream.  

Not hard to guess the ingredients of the second desserts, “Grilled Lemon Loaf with blueberry compote, mascarpone & mint sugar”.  He simply used Loaf’s perfect Lemon Cake & char-grilled on both sides of cake. Pairing with blueberry compote (cooked in red wine!), a spoon of mascarpone & generous sprinkle with the mint sugar. This is my first time seeing cakes being char-grilled, it looked really pretty with the grilled marks =) I love the mint sugar as well, very refreshing taste as you bite into the mint!

Salivating at Chef Armstrong’s creations? Do hop over to check out on more of his recipes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Priscilla, Farah & Ola from Mutant communications for the invite to this fabulous event with Chef Armstrong. I did learn a few tips from him & is looking forward to any future events.

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