Thursday, September 4, 2014

All time favourite

My mum used to buy chocolate rice swiss roll for my sisters & I when we were younger. It costs $0.60 per piece back then. I suddenly had a craving for them recently & decide to make a roll myself.   

Chocolate Rice Swiss Roll
(Recipe adapted from Wen's Delight)

20g cocoa powder
40g hot water
4 egg yolks
45g sugar
50g oil
30g milk
75g plain flour

4 egg whites
60g sugar


Chocolate rice 

1. Mix cocoa powder with hot water into a paste & set aside.
2. Use a electric hand mixer, whisk egg yolk & sugar till creamy.
3. Add in cocoa mixture (1) & mix well.
4. Add in oil & milk & mix till well incorporated. Stir in sifted flour & set aside.
5. In another mixing bowl, whisk egg white till foamy. Add in sugar & whisk till stiff peak.
6. Fold 1/3 of  the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture (4). Then add this mixture into the balance egg white fold till well mixed.
7. Pour mixture into the prepared tray & bake in preheated oven for 12 mins.


Lady Gourmet said...

Beautiful Swiss roll. I do love chocolate!! Blessings, Catherine

cathysjoy said...

Thanks Catherine :)

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