Thursday, October 18, 2012

Soymilk Peach Ice Cream

Can you believe it? I finally received my Soymilk maker after 1 mth! I had an unpleasant experience with this 'alldealsasia' company. It was stated under the terms & conditions that the soymilk maker will be sent to us within 5 working days from 17 Sep 2012. We waited for a week, thinking that the delivery could be delay due to overwhelming orders. The following week, I called up the company & was told that they had already sent out all the soymilk makers & their courier services will liaise with us the timing for delivery instead. Again we waited for another week in vain. My hubby & I took turns to call up the company once a week to check if they have accidentally left out our delivery. Their reply to us were always the same to brush us off - 'courier services will call & liaise with us the delivery timing'.

I am very irritated by their lousy services & excuses until this monday I called up the company a few times & demanded a reply from them. I guessed I need to be harsh & give them some 'pressure' to get things done. It was only then the staff called up their courier services to clarify. I finally received my soymilk maker on Monday night. This is my first & will be the last time to purchase any stuffs from 'alldealsasia' again!

I made my own soya milk on Tuesday & is happy with the thick yummy soya milk. I decide to try making soymilk ice cream  =)
Soymilk Ice Cream
Thanks to Small Small baker who posted this recipe in her Fb
My version of soymilk ice cream with peach chunks

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Small Small Baker said...

I want to get one also leh, easy to clean after use?
Is this soymilk maker by ADA China version? Means the buttons all in Chinese?

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