Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Matcha Kinako Azuki Bread

Matcha Kinako Azuki Bread

250g Blue Jacket Baguette Flour
20g fine sugar
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp instant yeast
180g water
30g Cowhead salted butter, cut into cubes

1 Tbsp matcha powder
2 Tbsp hot water

1 Tbsp Kinako powder
2 Tbsp hot water

1/2 can Azuki beans 

1. Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl fitted with dough hook & knead till dough is formed. Add in butter & knead till the dough is smooth & elastic.

2. Divide dough in 2 portions. Add matcha paste in one dough portion & kinako paste in another portion. Proof for 1hr.

3. De-gas & rolled out matcha dough into rectangular shape. Spread azuki beans on dough evenly & top with kinako dough. Roll dough up like a swiss roll. Use a knife to cut the dough (lengthwise) & do plaits. Placed dough in a greased pull man tin. Proof for 1hr.

4. Baked in a preheated oven @180C for 40mins.

This bread is very soft & fluffy. I simply love the different pattern on each slice of bread *^_^*

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