Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trying out 'new toy'

My friend went to Food & Hotel Asia 2012 recently & got some samples from Angel company. Knowing that I love to bake bread, she passed me 2 packets of yeasts to try. I use a direct method for bread making this time. 
200g bread flour
50g wholemeal flour
30g Shortening
8g milk powder
45g Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
1 Egg 
7g dry yeast
120g water
Oats for toppings (optional)

1. Using the mixer hook, mix all ingredients (except shortening) together. Beat until a dough is formed.
2. Add in shortening & beat again until the dough is smooth. Proof for 1hr.
3. Punch out air from the dough.   
4. Divide dough into 50g each. Proof for 1hr. 
5. Bake in a preheated oven @ 190°C for 10mins.
 Verdict: Very soft & fluffy bread.

 This photo is taken by my friend. I'm glad she love the buns =)


passionbaker said...

I've not tried Angel yeast though I saw it at FHA. Any difference from the usual one we bought? :p

cathysjoy said...

I feel there are the same not much difference ;)

Wendyinkk said...

There is some difference.

When I did some high sugar ratio dough, Mauripan will get retarded, like half dead, takes forever to rise, more than 10 hours and not budging much.
But not Angel. It rises beautifully.
But it's not easy to get hold of Angel yeast.

cathysjoy said...

Ic. Perhaps I did not do much high sugar ratio dough. So far, I do not have any problems with  Bruggeman yeast (bought from PH) & SAF yeast. This Angel yeast rise quite fast & big within a short period of time.

Kimmy said...

Cathy, I tried baking this bun.  Lovely recipe that yields soft, moist buns even on the next day.  I added some cheddar cheese and raisins as filling.  Thanks for sharing.

Cathyng said...

Glad you like them Kimmy :)

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