Thursday, September 26, 2013

Orange Sponge Cake

Orange Sponge Cake  
(Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover)  

25g corn oil
35g fresh squeeze orange juices
3 eggs  
80g sugar
100g plain flour
1/4tsp fine salt  
1 orange zest 

1. Mix corn oil & orange juices together, set aside.
2. Mix flour & salt together, sift them twice, set aside.
3. Put eggs into a mixing bowl & add in sugar, beat it till pale, thick & fluffy.
3. With mixer running at lowest speed, add in orange zest & flour slowly. Add in corn oil & orange juices. Remove mixing bowl, use a spatula to fold the batter till well combined.
4. Pour batter in a lined 12 holes muffin pan. Bake @ pre-heated oven @ 170C for 20mins.

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