Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tiramisu (Eggless)

Tiramisu (Eggless)

Coffee syrup:
3-4 Tbsp Instant coffee powder
1 Tbsp fine sugar
3 Tbsp Kahlua
150mls hot water
*Dissolve coffee powder & sugar in hot water. Then add in Kahlua

250g Mascarpone cheese
150g dairy whipping cream
1.5 Tbsp fine sugar
3 Tbsp Kahlua 
*Whisk whipping cream with 1 Tbsp sugar till soft peak. Set aside. Whisk mascarpone cheese with 1/2 Tbsp sugar & Kahlua till combined, then stir in whipped cream

Cocoa powder for dusting


1. Trim & dip the savoiardi in kahlua & line the base of a 7" tin / 4 plastic containers / etc. Spoon some fillings over & spread evenly. Repeat with another layer of sponge fingers & fillings. Smooth the top & chill for at least 6hrs or best overnight.

2. Dust with Cocoa powder before serve.

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