Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Potato Red Bean Buns

I was shopping at Orchard Ion with my hubby yesterday & came across a unique bun in 'Bread Society'. The bun was topped with red bean paste & some chunks of  yellow sweet potato. I was curious to try it but guess what? OMG, a bun which you can finished in 3 bites costs $1.60! I am not very willing to pay for such a small piece of dough (call me stingy but I had not bought any bread/cakes from bakery ever since I started baking my own). After much persuasion from my hubby, we bought it in the end :P

The combination of red bean paste & chunks of sweet potato is really nice. I told my hubby I will replicate it today since there is a pack of sweet potato in fridge. I added some mashed sweet potato into my dough as well. Simply love the purplish bun ;)

My buns may not look pretty. This is because the colour of purple sweet potato & red bean paste look almost similar! Hahaha, now I know why the bakery uses yellow sweet potato instead! Apart from the looks, this bun is soft & fluffy. Great combination of red bean paste with sweet potato! =)  

*Bread recipe using direct method

300g bread flour
150g mashed sweet potato
20g sugar
1 egg
1 tsp instant yeast
50g water (I boiled my sweet potato & used the remaining 'purplish' water)
30g salted butter

*Placed red bean paste & extra chunks of sweet potato on top of dough


bernice said...

yes i love the bread as well! you mind sharing recipe pls? thanks!

Mylene said...

It looks sooooo awesome! Please share the recipe. :)

cathysjoy said...

 sure :)

cathysjoy said...

 Sure :)

Kimmy said...

Cathy. purple sweet potatoes really can work wonders.  I can see the bread is really soft.   

cathysjoy said...

Yes, these bread are very soft & yummy even on the 2nd day ;)

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