Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Freezing Xmas in New York

I'm back from New York! New York is so crowded with people, 'human jam' everywhere~ not to mention the fact that we even had to queue to enter certain shops! Wow!

Oh yes, we had a bad experience with the bus company which we booked our tickets to New York. The bus was scheduled to leave at 8.30am from Vienna station to New York on Xmas eve. But guess what? The bus only arrived at 12pm! A total of 25 people (including my hubby's colleagues) were all waiting in the freezing weather (4-5degrees) for about 4hrs! Someone actually called the bus company & their reply was they had forgotten about the scheduled trip at 8.30am & had to find a driver last minute to replace, thus the delay. My hubby was the one who booked all the tickets called up their company yesterday & demanded some form of 'compensation'. After much 'arguing' over the phone, the verdict was that the company will give 13 free one-way trip tickets to New York as compensation. Well, I guess this is not a very satisfactory compensation since we will not go NY again. So, the tickets will be given to other colleagues who are coming to US to work in future & wants to visit NY.

I love F.A.O SCHWARZ! It is really a fun toy shop. We had no complaints even though we had to queue in the cold to enter the shop.

'The Big Piano' inside F.A.O SCHWARZ ~ very fun isn't it?

Statue of Liberty 

 NY Chinatown

You really got to try their dumplings if you ever go to Chinatown. They were awesome! The shop is very crowded with only a few seats. We stood outside their shop & eat ;)

Can you believe this? 5 fried meat chives dumplings for only USD$1. Cheap & yummy!

Hot spicy soup~ I wanted to drink something hot in such a cold weather. Not too bad, lots of ingredients even though I found it not spicy enough


Wendyywy said...

13 one way trip tickets? So many.

melonpan said...

wow nice pictures, i wasn´t in new york but it loooooks so nice.
And the food looks so yummy :-) i love dumplings^^

Cathysjoy said...

13 is still not enough cos there were 25 people in total :P

Cathysjoy said...

yeah, cheap n yummy dumplings :)

Hanushi said...

Gal, you are making my jaws drop when you say abt the cheap cake stands in US... :(

Great photos!!

Cathysjoy said...

hahaha, since you still free, make a trip down & buy them back & tour the place as well ;)

Hanushi said...

Us tic is so ex!!

Cathysjoy said...

holiday mah.... ;P

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