Friday, September 9, 2022

Taro Lotus Pastry 香芋莲蓉酥

Taro Lotus Pastry 香芋莲蓉酥


Water Dough (油皮):

100g Blue Jacket Cake Flour

25g icing sugar

40g shortening

35g water

Pinch of salt

Oily Dough (油酥):

80g Blue Jacket Cake Flour

2g Taiwan natural food coloring (optional)

40g shortening


Taro Lotus paste (25g each x 16)


1. Water dough: Mix all ingredients together till smooth. Cling wrap dough & set aside for 20mins

2. Oily dough: Mix all ingredients together. Cling wrap dough & set aside

3. Divide both water & oily dough into 8 portions

4. Wrap oily dough inside the water dough. Then roll out the dough into an oval shape with a rolling pin, then roll up like a swiss roll. Repeat this process another time

5. Use a knife to slice each dough into 2. With the cut side facing downwards, flatten the dough slightly with palm. Slowly roll out the dough into a round shape. Place filling in center & wrap up

6. Bake at 180C for about 25mins

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