Friday, November 5, 2010

We love Jap food

I had Japanese lunch buffet at Zen restaurant with my hubby today. I was so looking forward to it & even told my hubby that we need to have some 'strategy' when eating buffet..... which is to take only sips of tea in between the dishes. Why? This is because I realized most buffet serve food which were slightly salty & we had to keep hydrate ourselves. I wonder is that their real motive so that we will drink more water & eat lesser food? Hahaha ;P

Take a look at their menu. It is a bit 'compressed' as they squeeze all the pictures into two pages.
Chawanmushi - with prawn & mushroom inside, excellent eaten with a dash of chili powder
Salmon Sashimi - thickly sliced & fresh
Sirloin steak - Juicy & tender, makes chewing minimal
Tenderloin beef cube steak - Very Juicy & tender, good combination with the sweet sauce.
Ebi, Yasai & Kisu tempura - Deep fried to a nice crunch
Salmon aburi sushi - Our favourite! It 'melted' in our mouth
Kani cream croquette & Kaki fry - Very fresh oysters while croquette is too soft
Curry chahan - Very fragrant curry fried rice with big scallops & crunchy fried prawns
Beef shabu shabu - Looks are deceiving. Beef were too thickly sliced
Agedashi tofu - All time favourites
Cold Chasoba - Refreshing after eating so much meat stuffs, I love it
Age Gyoza - Nothing special, almost the same when compared to sakae's Gyoza
Yakitori , Enoki Gyu maki - Chicken is slightly dry while the beef mushroom roll tastes great
Kabocha pumpkin - If you love cheesy stuffs, you will definitely love this dish
Coconut cream brulee -Excellent with a strong coconut taste. Smooth, soft & melts in your mouth
Cheesecake - light & refreshing

Overall, we had a gd lunch in this quiet & cozy restaurant. If you want to try their food, this is their location:

205 River Valley Road
#01-75 UE Square
(65) 6732-3110


NEL, the batter baker said...

Wow - the food looks really good.
How much do they charge for adult?

CaThY said...

Hi Nel,

Its $42++ for weekday lunch & weekend dinner. $52++ for weekday dinner *^_^*

CaThY said...

Wow - the food looks really good.
How much do they charge for adult?

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