Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blackforest Cake

Blackforest Cake

(Recipe adapted & modify slightly from Jane) 

3 layers of chocolate sponge cake
250g whipped cream
chocolate rice

Cherry syrup
1 can pitted cherries, drained out juice
1 Tbsp corn flour
NuNaturals Cherry vanilla NuStevia  
*cooked till thickened

- Place a slice of cake onto a cake board. 
- Spread a layer of whipped cream & cherry syrup then decorate with cherries.
- Repeat with 2nd layer of cake, cream, syrup & cherries. End with the last layer of cake.
- Spread the whole cake with cream.
- Decorate the sides with chocolate rice.
- Pour ganache at edge of cake & let it flow down slightly.
- Pour remainder cherry syrup onto centre of cake.
- Pipe rosettes with whipped cream & drizzle with ganache.

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