Monday, December 5, 2011


I am having a fever, sore throat & multiple mouth ulcers since last Friday, but that does not stop me from going out over the weekends ;P We went to DC again, took some photos before heading down to Georgetown.

Parking in Georgetown is really expensive. Thus, to make it worthwhile, we got to fully utilize the time spent there :P
Canal in Georgetown

I am sure you must be familiar with this 'The Cupcake Diaries'. We passed by this shop in Georgetown! The shop is actually quite small but the queue is mad! The queue were even longer later at night.

 Look at the crowd inside the shop. Got to queue to enter :(

Xmas tree lightnings

Our dinner~ Sweet potato fries

Baby Ribs with salad 

Steak with mashed potato & salad


Wendyywy said...

Is it really that good that one has to queue that loooooooong?

Cathysjoy said...

My hubby said need to queue at least 45mins. However, when we peep through the glass panel, we saw that their cuppies were actually very small. We wondered what is so special also. Americans love cuppies, there is also another cupcake shop there & is crowded with queue too.

Honeybeesweets said...

Weather in states tends to be dry, so you need loads of fluid to recover. Should try to stay away from fried food ya....your dinner looks delish but might aggravate your ulcers! Take care and hope u feel better soon. Btw, the Ang mos cakes are supper sweet, you won't miss much by not queuing. :D

Cathysjoy said...

Bee bee,
Tks. Yeah, I also try to avoid fried food, my hubby ate most of the fries.
I also wonder why Ang Mos love so sweet stuffs. I watched food network here everyday & the ingredients (butter/cream/sugar) used for cooking/baking is liberal. No wonder Ang Mos are so biggie in size ;P

Gertrude said...

Those two ladies has a show at the TLC channel called DC Cupcakes that is why there is a long line outside the shop. People are just curious about their cupcakes :) What Bee Bee said is right. The air here is very dry so need to drink a lot of water. Hope you will be well soon. How long will you be here? Any chance of visiting PA since we are so near to each other :)

Cathysjoy said...

Yeah, I think I saw that show before. Agreed with Bee bee also that the air is dry here, needs to apply lots of moisturizer everyday :P
I will be in VA until mid Jan & fly to Orlando for a wk before heading back home.
PA is Pennsylvania?

Fong said...

Drink plenty of water and your yummy dinner is a big no no. Too heaty for your condition now. Maybe some honey with lemon help? Speedy recovery.

Cathysjoy said...

yup yup, my hubby ate most of the dinner as I was feeling unwell that day.

neyeeloh said...

Is their cupcake extremely sweet?

Cathysjoy said...

never got the chance to try cos the queue is too long. we got no patience to wait in the cold weather :P

Gertrude said...

Yea Ps is Pennsylvania. I thought you and your hubby might want to visit PA and maybe we can meet up. Nothing much here in PA and Orlando sounds so much better :)

Cathysjoy said...

I thought you shifted to SF? I discuss with my hubby see if he wanna go PA cos its about 4hrs+ drive i think.

gertrude said...

Not yet. Only moving mid Jan 2012 but hubby already here in SF. I am here visiting him for a week :)

Cathysjoy said...

Oic. Loads of stuff for you to pack :)

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