Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop till you drop!

 Who can resist shopping??? Not me!
We were there with my hubby's colleagues from 10am till 7pm. 

A shopping paradise with lotsa good bargains! No wonder everybody turned crazy!

*Ahem* excuse me, don't be mistaken, I did not buy this. Juz for photo taking purposes only ;P
I am not impulsive when it comes to buying things. I love this Coach jacket very much & it fits me perfectly, but I guess the chances of wearing it is low when I go back to Singapore. 

Saw this at one of the kitchenware stores. Cheap but is unnecessary huh? I guess it is easier to bake in a big pan & cut out the brownies, don't you think so?

Cheap Bread machine!


Zoe said...

I've been to one of these "premium outlets" before and was shopping like crazy. My only regret is that we should have bring a shopping trolley with us as we were carrying all our heavy shopping bags walking thru the NYC. I miss all these outlet shopping.

Cathysjoy said...

hahaha, next time remember to bring an empty luggage to put all yr stuffs when shoppping at those outlets again! :)

Wendyywy said...

Haha, you are so lucky to be in US on Thanksgiving. Best time to shop and best deals!
Go girl, Shop!!!!

Cathysjoy said...

hahaha, I did not buy a lot also... :P

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