Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its desserts time !

Australian Dairy Company
Address: 47 Parkes Street, Jordan

Personally I prefer the Almond steamed egg than the steamed milk pudding. I felt that the presence of milk is too overwhelming.

Cong Sao Star Dessert
Address: 33 Sharp Street East Causeway Bay

Mango Pudding. This photo speaks for itself. Soft & smooth pudding with sweet mangoes!

Beancurd with Green tea jelly & coconut. I simply heart this!

Lucky Dessert
Address: G/F25-27 Soy St, Mong Kok

Soy milk pudding with ice cream. Awesome!

Mango wrapped in a thin layer of jelly coated with black sesame. Not too bad..

Shek Mo Fong
G/F88 Hak Po St, Mong Kok

Its mango season now in HK! This is a very nice mango ice dessert with a generous helping of sweet mangoes. There were also grass jelly buried under the tall cone shaped heap of ice. *Thumb up*

Anybody wants some Chestnut Puree with sago? This is a unique dessert, with a nice fragrant of chestnut. *slurp*

Charlie Brown Cafe
G/F-1/F., Kok Pah Mansion, No. 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

I am not really a fan of Charlie Brown. But because this Cafe is very near to my hotel, I just dropped by to have a look & take some photos. Look at the little Woodstock & Lucy mousse, they were so cute!


CaThY said...

thks again for the info - will definitely keep this as reference the next time i go HK :P

CaThY said...

No problem :)

CaThY said...

看来你这次的香港旅程很good loh! 吃吃走走。。。。。。很轻松!
我喜欢这样的 trip. 那个芒果甜品,高高尖尖的。。好可爱!又好像很好吃的!

CaThY said...

哈!哈!快去香港买东西吃东西! 那个高高尖尖的芒果甜品真的很好吃,还有其他口味的。:)

CaThY said...

yet another blog page to bookmark! I prefer the steamed milk to the egg pudding though.. the latter is just too eggy for me. did you try the scrambled eggs at 澳洲牛奶公司? its freakin' good!!!!!!

the chestnut puree dessert is indeed very special! the first thing that comes to my mind is "soupy mont blanc"! lol

CaThY said...

Neber try the eggs cos we always had dinner prior to desserts. Hahaha. Yeah, the chestnut puree is unique, give it a try next time u go HK ;)

CaThY said...

I'm going HK next week! Gonna try the Australian Dairy company

CaThY said...

Fong's kitchen Journal,
Yes, you gotta try! long queue! ;)

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