Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Went to Baltimore with my hubby & his colleagues on a Sunday morning

Yummy Lunch @ Philips Seafood

*From clockwise -
1) Complimentary bread & butter
2) Crab salad
3) Crab, Artichoke & Spinach dip
4) Mussels

*From clockwise -
1) Grilled Salmon
2) Philips famous crab cakes
3) Oysters
4) Shrimp Scampi

*Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse*
Constructed in 1856, marking the entrance to the Patapsco river & Baltimore harbour

Performance @ Harborplace


Elena said...

I would love to try the crab salad.

Cathysjoy said...

Oh yes, it is awesome! The crab meat is big & extremely sweet. =)

blue0116 said...

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