Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nasi Lemak

I cook Nasi lemak for dinner today as I had left over coconut milk after baking the coconut macaroons?? Coconut macaroons (do they resembles macaroons in the 1st place??)?? Yah, I still had doubts as to what they actually were. I am supposed to bake Kueh bangkit, but somehow the batter was too runny. Wat's worse was I am unable to 'save the batter' as I dun have any more flour left @ home! Argghh.... I dun want to waste the batter & continue with my baking. So... the pic here showed my final product after I spread some kaya fillings in between. Hmm... It tastes sweet with a nice pandan coconut taste.
Oh btw, my Nasi lemak was very nice! But I guess it will be even better if there were chicken wings to go along with! I will remember to add them in the next time I cook Nasi lemak. *^_^*

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