Friday, May 22, 2009

Orange sponge cake

I had a fun day 'shopping' at Geylang Phoon Huat shop today. The shop was really big & had a wide range of baking stuffs compared to other outlets.

I set my eyes on a small cute round baking tin. I bought 2 of them, thinking that 2 tins will be just nice for my little microwave oven. I also bought a pack of whipping cream since the price is slightly cheaper than Giant/NTUC.

Guess what? To my horor, the bill total up to $42! OMG! I thought I saw the price tag shown on the shelf was $8+ per baking tin, how come the bill is so ex?! I went back to the shelf & realised the price $8+ was for something else instead! I approached the cashier & confirmed the price again as I couldn't find any tags for the tin on the shelf. Well... this cute little tin cost me $18+ per tin! That was even more ex than my similar but yet bigger tin @ home!

Ahh... so sad.. I really need to fully utilize my these 2 cute tins now. I made 2 small orange sponge cakes immediately when I reached home. They resembled a small doughnut when out of the tin, perfect for afternoon tea! *^_^*

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